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Cooperation between Glimstedt and Lutz & Partner Rechtsanwälte

Assistance with an asset purchase transaction

Glimstedt assisted Von Arx Sweden AB in an Asset Purchase Transaction for the manufacture and distribution of surface preparation products from Swiss entity Von Arx AG, which in turn is owned by US corporation Emerson Electric.Through its membership in the LC network, Glimstedt could rely on the expertise of Swiss LC member Peter Lutz Rechstanswälte for support with this transaction. “Being part of the European wide network of trusted and experienced law firms has once again been an invaluable asset to Glimstedts’ ability  to assist our clients with international transactions (Michael Lettius, Partner, Glimstedt).

The acquisition included manufacturing equipment, patents and trademarks and other assets. Moreover, a Manufacturing Agreement and License Agreements for the acquired business have been drafted and concluded. The assets and the business has been acquired as of 1st February 2019.