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Lawyers Cooperation News

Successful General Meeting in Helsingborg
Members and guests exchange ideas and expertise in the beautiful town of Helsingborg

Our thanks go to our Swedish member Advokatfirman Glimstedt for hosting and organizing this great event in the beautiful town of Helsingborg.

This year's annual meeting focused on sharing information and knowledge which is one of the cornerstones of the network.

Discussions and seminars in the afternoon of the General Meeting were led by guest speakers on international arbitration and on the broader topic of branding and trademark issues.

The evenings saw guests talking and relaxing over tradional food and refreshments in the picturesque locations of Jakob Hansens Hus and Sillen & Makrillen on Öresund strait.

Our members work on a diverse range of projects covering M&As, company law, insolvency law, competition law, tax law, property law, GDPR and many more. Members take advantage of the expertise available within the Lawyers Cooperation by collaborating with each other for their cross border projects. This ranges from sharing opinions and local knowledge on areas such as contract law, insolvency law, liability issues and rules on statue of limitation though to client referrals within the network.

The Lawyers Cooperation network is successful because it is defined by confidence in each members' professionalism and mutual trust and friendship between members.  As a result, our members refer their clients to other LC members and their contacts in the knowledge that their clients' country specific matters are being taken care of by trusted law firms.