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Collaboration between members
Lawyers Cooperation members collaborate with each other for their cross border projects.

Our members work on a diverse range of projects covering M&As, company law, insolvency law, competition law, tax law, property law, GDPR and many more.

Members take advantage of the expertise available within the Lawyers Cooperation by collaborating with each other for their cross border projects. This ranges from sharing opinions and local knowledge on areas such as contract law, insolvency law, liability issues and rules on statue of limitation through to client referrals within the network.

Recent examples include the successful collaboration between the UK based member Wedlake Bell with our German member Böhret Sehmsdorf on insolvency cases. Local knowledge within the network is also currently assisting our Swedish member Advokatfirman Glimstedt who was able to call upon the support of Swiss member Lutz Partner for the purchase of a Swiss business.

The network is successful because it is defined by confidence in each member's professionalism and mutual trust and friendship between members.  As a result, our members refer their clients to other LC members in the knowledge that their clients' country specific matters are being taken care of by trusted law firms.