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BÖHRET SEHMSDORF’s tax consultancy services contribute to €500M cross-border acquisition deal

BÖHRET SEHMSDORF’s client Breath Therapeutics has been acquired by Italian pharma company Zambon in a deal worth up to €500M.

As a biopharmaceutical company specialising in advanced inhalation therapies for severe respiratory diseases, German based Breath Therapeutics has established a promising therapy for the treatment of Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome (BOS). The acquisition by Italian pharma company Zambon combines expertise and commercial capabilities to accelerate advances in the treatment of BOS.

BÖHRET SEHMSDORF has provided forward thinking tax consultancy and accountancy services to Breath Therapeutics since its foundation in 2016 ensuring that the company’s fiscal concept and financing structure was geared towards long term success. During the decisive stage of the deal Breath Therapeutics could rely on the experience and expertise of BÖHRET SEHMSDORF’s partner Michael Böhret for long term workable contract solutions.

BÖHRET SEHMSDORF is proud to have contributed to Breath Therapeutics’ success!

 “This success is of course also your success – in particular because we were able to present a flawless company in terms of finance, tax, payroll accounting etc. Also, Michael Böhret was always there for us in the decisive stage of the transaction.” Jens Stegemann, Chief Executive Office of Breath Therapeutics

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