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MCG Legal join Lawyers Cooperation
The Lawyers Cooperation is pleased to announce the addition of the Polish law firm MCG Legal as a new member

MCG Legal decided to join the Lawyers Cooperation following their visit as guests to the General Meeting in Munich.

Based in PoznaƄ, Poland, MCG Legal are a dynamic and innovative law firm of highly skilled specialist lawyers providing legal assistance in most areas of law including Commercial &Trade Law, Construction & Property Law, Company Law, M&A and many more.

The solid expertise and skills of MCG’s team is backed up by their passion and client-led approach. MCG work with their clients to agree on individual tailor made schedules of engagement suited to each client’s requirements.

The firm also works in in collaboration with tax advisors, financial institutions and insurance brokers, offering multidisciplinary services that ensure that their clients’ cases are always in the right hands.