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Message from the Lawyers Cooperation

The Lawyers Cooperation continues to keep up to date with new developments regarding COVID-19.

In terms of our annual meeting we have assessed the risks and have decided to postpone our physical meeting until next year. This year's annual meeting will now take place online on 15th May. 

Although the meeting will not have the same face-to-face advantage, the virtual format will enable us to share information and experiences. As always, good discussions are the key, and to that end, we look forward to our virtual meeting.

The Lawyers Cooperation very much hopes that you are managing to stay safe and well, are keeping busy if subject to ‘lockdown’, and managing to sustain your law practices. Our thoughts and best wishes are with each and every one of you.

If at this time there is anything which Lawyers Cooperation and its members can do for you or your clients, do please just reach out and ask.